How Moisturizers Help Eczema Treatment

If you have dermatitis, then you know how irritating this condition is. The itch, the rash and the blisters simply do not allow you to feel comfortable. Rough skin, redness and flares cause self-consciousness and make you feel unpleasant. The good news is that this condition is treatable, and that you can also take steps to prevent it from appearing once you get rid of it.

Proper treatment

corticosteroid creamFirst of all, it is important to know that moisturizer alone is not enough to treat eczema. The main and the most efficient therapy is corticosteroid cream. It comes in a variety of types and with different strengths. Depending on the strength, you can buy the cream with or without the prescription.

These creams help you put rash and redness under control, heal the infection and thus reduce the itch. But, even though steroid topical creams are efficient, complete eczema treatment simply cannot be efficient without moisturizers. They help your skin regain its health and its natural glow and moisture. Even when you are done using the steroids, you should go on using the moisturizer. This way your skin will stay healthy and eczema is less likely to appear again.

How to use moisturizer to increase efficiency

There are different types of moisturizes, so it may not be easy to choose the right one. The amount of oil and water determines the class of moisturizer, so you can choose between ointments, creams and lotions. The general rule is: the more oil there is in a moisturizer, the better it is for treating eczema. Following this logic, ointments are the first choice for treating eczema. They have the highest percentage of oil and they are great at sealing in the moisture. Creams are lighter and contain more water than oil. Lotions are the lightest, they contain mainly of water, so they evaporate quickly. When you choose the moisturizer, it is essential to check the labels. The price does not play the part, but the ingredients do. Moisturizers for eczema-prone skin must not contain perfumes, preservatives and stabilizers, because they can be harmful for the skin instead of healing it.

The best time to apply moisturizer is immediately after taking a shower or a bath. This way you will lock in the highest percentage of moisture in your skin. Make sure to always have a tube of moisturizer on you, so you can reapply it after washing your hands, wherever you are.

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